Loan Officers: Create your own refi boom!

**Regardless of Rate**

Rates are up; but so is equity!

Let us show you how to turn client equity into a low
“net effective rate”. Our program is in addition to the cash-out refi. This will create an unfair advantage and make your new refi offer irresistible.

  • Lower "Net Effective Rate"
  • Lower payments
  • Shorter term
  • Put money in the bank

Change your conversation from interest rates and closing costs to lower payment, shorter term and interest savings without spending an additional marketing dollar.  

The BEST Part: We do the work for you & your clients! You become the HERO!

Rates are no longer an issue in your sale and we perform the long term work to keep the clients happy & on track to their savings... you simply move on to your next loan.

Webinar Registration

Tuesday, October 18th

10:00 AM PT